Majorca Gardens - Residential - 18 Lots
Body Corporate Manager: Dean Stolpmann (Cairns)


18 lot complex with villa style apartments, in close proximity to beaches and restaurants.


I am writing to express my extreme thankfulness to Dean Stolpmann from your Cairns office for doing such a superb job. I can't speak highly enough of him & I think his boss should know.
I am so grateful to Dean for helping me through the process of what was a difficult situation with unreasonable people.
I was totally uneducated & ignorant to the process & made his job very hard when I upset a neighbour who disputed something I had done.
At all times Dean was approachable & contactable & spoke professionally & knowledgeable allowing what started as a hostile situation between unit owners to become calm & settled within a matter of days.
I feel sorry for Dean having to put up with the types of people he has to encounter in his position. I don't know how he keeps his composure under the duress he would be placed in by rude unreasonable people with bad manners.
I have the utmost respect for the man.
Again, I just wanted whoever his boss's are to know what a wonderful job he is doing & how eternally grateful I am to have him as our body corp representative.
I am no longer apprehensive to contact our local Cairns office & feel a lot better about paying my body corp fees knowing Dean Stolpmann is in charge of our complex.
Hope you have a great day.
Thanks heaps again,
Sharon Whipp