Multi Owned Properties Research Hub

Tuesday March 27th, 2018

The Multi Owned Properties Research Hub has been launched at the International Forum on Multi Owned Properties, hosted by Deakin University. The Hub is the new online platform for research on multi-owned properties from various jurisdictions around the world. The Hub houses research papers submitted by academics, researchers and other sector professionals.

The Hub is located at:

Dr Nicole Johnston of Deakin University says that, The Multi-owned Properties Research Incorporated is a not-for-profit association founded by a group of academics and lawyers who saw a need to collate and share research on multi-owned properties across institutional and geographic boundaries. With more people living in multi-owned properties than ever before, governments, practitioners and residents need access to reliable research and opportunities to engage with experts across multiple disciplines.

Examples of available research include:

• Nicole Johnston and Sacha Reid, “Multi-owned Developments: A life cycle review of a developing research area’.

• Hazel Easthope and Bill Randolph, ‘Principal–agent problems in multi-unit developments: The impact of developer actions on the on-going management of strata titled properties’.

The founding group includes:

• Nicole Johnston, Deakin University

• Hazel Easthope, UNSW Sydney

• Sacha Reid, Griffith University

• Amanda Farmer, Lawyers Chambers on Riley

• Cathy Sherry, UNSW Sydney

The Research Hub’s three founding sponsors are:

• Strata Community Association

• Strata Community Insurance

• The Australian College of Community Association Lawyers

All sector supporters, including managers, owners, residents, and service providers are invited to visit to peruse the research already available on the site. Sign up to the mailing list to ensure you receive regular updates on new research as it’s made available.

This article was contributed by Carole Anderson – Strata Community Association - National Education.